From The Convener’s Desk

NAWO began its journey in 1995 with the Beijing conference was formerly formed as the Odisha chapter in 1996 and established its Gender Resource center, where it is functioning from in 2003 .I am glad to say today we still exist and exist with all our Dynamism, commitment and clear direction to work towards gender justice. Our journey in these years had a lot of ups and downs but we have managed to pull out of all crises and move ahead in the Right direction towards our Vision. The very existence of NAWO Odisha chapter and what it has become today was possible because of the unquestioning support of our President Dr.Ruth Manorama and the governing body of National NAWO .Trocaire Ireland, has been our support from the beginning of NAWO’s operation in Odisha. The District Resources centers lead by our Core group members , functional in 15 districts but covering all 30 districts of the State have been our strength in reaching out to women at the grassroot level and bring in their perspectives in our work agenda . They took all the pain for collecting information, feeding information and campaigning on issue. We have expanded and reached out a large constituency with more than 230 member organizations and individuals’ members. I know it has been a difficult task to reach out to each and every member but we hope that the larger issues that NAWO has campaigned for has been on behalf of all its members, It is the members that make this network strong. We have undertaken many studies and research activities, which helped NAWO to find out the gaps for implementation of different programmes meant for women empowerment and for lobbying .Our Work with the school and college children has opened new opportunities for us .The OBR campaign’s success bears witness to our engagement with the youth. We created our space not only among women groups or activist groups but with a number of other institutions. We believe we could do better with alliance building with many other network organizations working for gender and human right issue. We have successfully worked on issues like two child norm as election conditionality, liquor issues, 50% women reservation, domestic violence, trafficking women and children, sexual harassment at work place, communal violence and human right violation in displacement are and have been successful. The 50% reservation for women in panchayats and Urbaln local bodies, the passage of the Sexual harassment bill ,the promulgation of the Criminal Law (amendment) Act 2013 etc are a few which make our long drawn struggle worth it .I sincerely hope with all these new laws women will be to exercise their rights as rightful citizens of this country . I thank you all for your contribution in continuing our journey. We have done very little and have much more to do, Poverty is much more than before, Sex Ratio is still showing a downward trend, Trafficking situation is alarming and communal/caste violence is more. The task before us is great I continue to look forward your suggestions and criticisms to work better in building a “Gender Just” society for women.


Ms. Pramila Swain