Human rights and Violence against women:


NAWO influenced the law enforcement agencies for proper implementation of laws to address violence against women (PW DVA, PC and PNDT, Bill against sexual harassment of women in workplace) and influence promote and strengthen the redress system at district and state level.

NAWO In these years further strengthens its interventions in the implementation of the different laws and policies set up to address violence against women. Two significant contributions made by NAWO in Policy advocacy, during this period. First it gave inputs to the 12th Five year plan .Dr Sayeeda Hameed, member planning commission was present in a consultation on State policy for women and took the valuable suggestions from the delegates participating in the consultation, A three page recommendation was also sent to her and forwarded to Dr Abhijit Sen, member planning commission in charge of the state of Odisha . Secondly , a special report on the situation of women in the anti Christian violence affected Kondhamal would be included in the CEDAW Shadow report which will be submitted to the CEDAW committee .Inputs were also given the chapters on Disability, Situation of Tribal women and the issues of Trafficking among women and girls.


• To influence the police and other law enforcement agencies for proper implementation of PWDVA (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act) by providing resource and personnel and capacity building of administration and judiciary
• To monitor sex ratio of the state and contribute to the decline in Sex selective abortions through awareness raising and advocacy
• To campaign for promotion of safe migration and prevent trafficking in women and children in Odisha
• To activate sexual harassment complaints committees at all district level and state level govt. departments and companies to ensure a safe work environment for working women.
• Campaign for passing the Sexual harassment (prevention) bill by Government.
• To influence policy on violence against women by redressing cases of violence against women at district and state level
• To monitor the anti trafficking response by state and NGO in Odisha.

Campaigning on declining sex ratio of girls in the state

Declining sex ratio of girls in the state NAWO will continue raising awareness on the issue of Sex selective abortion ,the focus of awareness is with community women and local health workers and organized panchayat level awareness meetings through all the district resource centers . Four district level workshops on PC and PNDT Act were realized at Rayagada, Koraput, Ganjam and Malkanagiri districts. CDMOs, ADMs, Collector, ANMS, health workers, CDPOs of these districts were sensitized for proper implementation through this workshop. The participants (around 40 ro 60 participants each district level workshops)They have learnt about the Act, rules under the act, punishments, different committees and authorities under the Act. The health departments in four districts have taken initiative to take steps on sex selection .One core group member made part of state level monitoring group.8 of the core group members have become part of the district level PC and PNDT committee in 8 district.Collection of information on sex ratio being collected in all five districts.

Advocate for the passing of law on sexual harassment of women at workplace

Advocate for the passing of law on sexual harassment of women at workplace. In this connection NAWO organized a national Consultation on the bill .NAWO have also follow up the cases of sexual harassment to taken and address them at the district level, strengthening of the district level committees. Fact finding and follow up of the blue cd case of Kamakhya Nagar was done during this period. Follow up on with the DG police office at Cuttack. Case of Agnita of sexual harassment at workplace at XIMB, Bhubaneswar was taken up. Letter was sent to XIMB in August 2010. 2nd round of letter was given on 9th September 2010 to give the report of the investigation. Follow up of the case was done. They did not send the report. However, report was collected from the victim. XIMB made accountable for the harassment. Organized workshop to discuss the law and the analysis of the law on SHAW was done . Imputes from NAWO’s consultation was taken by the WCD department and sent to the central government. NAWO’s input also taken in regional level consultation as part of the lobby for the new law. The cabinet has given a go ahead to the bill on prevention of sexual harassment at work place which have placed in both the houses of the parliament and passed the bill. The Odisha Govt has brought out a compendium on the guidelines on SHWAP and sought viewpoints of all core group members including NAWO. Ms. Pramila Swain, Ms. Lalita Missal and Ms. Bishakha Bhanja met DG police on 26th and 27th August 2010 regarding the blue CD case. As a follow up, letter was faxed to SP Dhenkanal for investigation on blue CD case and rape and murder of Kalabati case of Dhenkanal on 21st October 2010. The State resource center has handled cases of Violence against women (Sexual Harassment at workplace, Domestic violence, Blue CD/pornography case, Property rights etc.) In 4 DRCs, Cuttack, Bolangir, Khurdha and Muniguda meetings and discussion was taken place and action was taken place on SHAW issue. In Bolangir and Cuttack two cases was filed and steps are taken and the victim got justice on this issue. In other Districts through meeting, and workshops people were being aware on this SHAW committee and emphasize was given for proper formation and function of this committee.

Witch hunting

NAWO carry out a study and analysis of the incidences of witch hunting that are rising in north- western Orissa, carry out Fact finding in cases that took place recently and do advocacy for a special law .NAWO has organized a consultation for its allies and members on the issue to build perspective on witch hunting.

Continue its work in the implementation of the Domestic violence act

We met 15 protection officers, the Director Social Welfare, the Deputy Secretary WCD Dept, Gender Coordinator met and discussed the study on the implementation of the PWDVA act as well as operational difficulties in Filing DIR and committed31 to work more diligently. A state level consultation was organized at hotel PRESIDENCY on 27th December 2010 by NAWO in collaboration with CSRF/FARR. As per data collected between the years 2007 to September 2009 862 DIR reports have been registered in the state .since 2009 to December 2010,total 700 cases have been registered under the act. Several cases of violence against women have been taken up by NAWO GRTC during this reporting period and are being addressed. 12 DRC organized meeting on PWDVA with 501 participants in different districts to create awareness among women on domestic violence and encourage them to fight against this issue.84 cases of DV against women was taken up. Out of which some cases were finalized and some are under process. Increase of reported of PWDVA in 10 districts in 2011 .160 cases are reported in 2011 as against 145 in 2010. The district resource centers are well equipped to handle cases of Domestic violence and are taking a lead role in following all kinds VAW in their respective districts. 5 of the DRC members have become members of the Rape rehabilitation committee. NAWO is an integral part of the alliance involved in bringing out an annual study on the status of implementation of the PWDVA act. NAWo made a presentation on the implementation of the PWDVA act before the legal services authority to pressurize them to take up cases of Domestic violence. Programme carried out in 12 colleges in 12 districts on PWDV act and violence against women One state level consultation organized on 498A and suggestion sent to national consultation participated by Pramila swain. The petition submitted and a recommendation given by NAWO and its network partners has resulted in the Supreme Court judgment upholding the 498A in its full form.


Bring back the discussion on Dowry and dowry related problems, being one of the major causes of trafficking and sex selective an abortion resulting in adverse sex ratio NAWO has started discussion at various levels on this issue. At district level the DRC members taking this issue in various meeting at grass root level and district level. Motivating the student of collages through our collage programme for not taking dowry during their marriage and spend very less amount on it.


A state level consultation was organized on migrant women workers jointly with Labour Solidarity on 4 th January 2011. More than 70 workers acquired knowledge on the problems faced by women in both organised and unorganised labour sector. A future action plan was prepared and it was decided to submit a memorandum to chief labour commissioner.
• 4 district level awareness trainings were realized at Rayagada, Koraput, Malkanagiri and Kondhmal.
• Poster and leaf late developed on Trafficking developed and distributed.

Working with academic institution

3 programmes titled “Taranga” on violence against women were organized at 3 colleges of Bhubaneswar (Capital law college, Maharsi women’s college and Kamla Neheru Women’s College).More than 2000 students are sensitized and take stands on campus and domestic violence.

Campaign material on Trafficking

In six District Resource Centres, Sundergarh, Kalahandi, Deogarh, Gajapati, Sonepur and Rayagada trafficking cases have been identified. Victims were identified and cases were filed in the police station and steps were planned for their settlement in the family. In Deogarh district 12 girls were rescued from a illegal contractor and they were taken safely back to their home. The study report of trafficking situation of Sundergarh published and distributed. Awareness meetings with SHG , PRI and village community held on trafficking during the fortnight on violence against women.


A special report prepared for inclusion in the CEDAW shadow report. More than 800 students in 8 colleges of 7 districts made aware on violence against women and pledge to fight violence .Three youth clubs formed in colleges.

Consultation on the State Policy for Women

NAWO, Odisha consultation on the state policy for women resulted in a very positive outcome and was taken cognizance of the members of the Planning Commission. The Honorable Governor in his address promised that he would recommend the framing of a comprehensive State policy for women to the Government of Odisha.

Anti liquor campaign

State level convention, Drana and rally was organized in every year. Representation met the Govt department. District level Rally Dharana ,public meeting was organized on this issues. Signature collected and sent to CM. A civil socity and different stakeholders meeting organized.

One Billion Rising Campaign One Billion Rising Campaign:

A call to end Violence against Women: One Billion Rising (OBR) Campaign is a global call to action to stop violence against women and girls. It is about connecting all efforts across borders and boundaries to create a safer world for women and girls the call for One Billion Rising Campaign has been given by the well known feminist activist, playwright and actor Eve Ensler. It aims to mobilize and bring out one billion people on the streets across the world on 14th February, 2013, to sing, dance and protest, to end violence against women and girls ONCE AND FOR ALL. United Nation’s data states that 1 in 3 women in the world experience violence. Considering adult women population of the world being 3 billion, one billion women are facing violence everyday across the globe. In India, girls are being killed in the womb in the millions and 35 million women are MISSING. Rape cases seem to be on the rise in India. VAW is the biggest civil war in the world where a billion people are violated in one way or another. Thus, it has become critically important to mobilize and rise in huge numbers to refuse any form of violence. Women from 198 countries, including India, have responded to this global call by launching OBR campaigns in their respective countries. The men and women from all sectors such as activists, youths, students, government officials, police persons, media persons, artists, actors and other celebrities have joined together to end violence against women and to create a safer world for women and girls. In India, the campaign was launched during 16 days activism period from 24th November 2012 and culminated on 14th of February, 2013. Networks like NAWO, WECAN, FARR-CSRF, ODPN, Swadhikar Forum, AIDWA, OSTA, SFTI, Madamukti Abhiyan, Kanyaratna, CITU and many more organization joined the campaign. More than 30 events at district level and several programmes in collages have been organized the programme has had very good impact on the public

Activities Undertaken:

NAWO was Conducted awareness program in School, colleges and hostels.
• Integrated OBR campaign in existing programs of the organizations
• Printed of leaf let, posters on OBR campaign
• Films shows
• Publishing articles on violence against women & OBR campaign
• Involved celebrities in campaign
• veteran writers to write on the issue
• Involved youth, colleges and students in the campaign
• Sensitized politicians, police persons, government officials to rise against violence. On 14 February:

1. Signature campaign in ten different points at Bhubaneswar .
2. One big Public Event at Ekamra haat BBSR. Different cultural shows on VAW like Poetry recitation, Pala, Odissi dance ballet, sambalpuri folk dance and many more.More than 500 people participated in the closing event.

Gender Orientation of school children

Regular programme conducted in schools with school students on gender issues in the socity and how it could be addressed.Children from different school together think and realize about gender discrimination they have in our society.In School camps through painting, songs and essay children beautifully expressed their thought about gender discrimination and patriarchal behavior and practices which exist in our society and suggested how to address. Mor than 1000 students from schools of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack got a bigger platform to discuss and had an idea on the issues gender discrimination and violence against women. Children became aware about gender, gender discrimination and basic difference between gender and Sex and socialization of gender discrimination..How gender discrimination leads to violence against women.Children were able understand how they can address gender discrimination in schools, family and in the society. They were able to know how to address and got ideas about the laws and rules to address violence. In every School at least two/three teachers are voluntarily started dialogue on discrimination that persists in study curriculum, practices with children and staff of their institutions and had taken small steps to stop at their level.

Gender orientation program for college boys through educational institutions

Regular awareness programs are conducted in colleges of Bhubaneswar and other 15 districts of Odisah. More than 1474 college students directly sensitize about violence against Women particularly youth facing violence in every sphere through our sensitization program. Open a platform for the youth to discuss on violence against women and take individual as well as collective steps to stop gender discrimination and violence against women. In every college at least two/three lecturers are voluntarily started dialogue on discrimination persists in study curriculum, practices with children and staff of their institutions and had taken small steps to stop at their level. Students get involved in different types of awareness programmes, campaigns based on the core objective to eliminate violence against women and bring equality in our society. The young generation actively participates in one billion rising campaign, south Asian women’s day, international women’s day etc.

Gender orientation programme for male participants

Organized total number of three time two days residential training program for Two residential programs for the College boys and one for the male participants of different NGOs of Odisha.Men (NGO leaders) started screening their responsibilities and routine activities through a gender lens both in personal and professional life and internalize invisible decimations persists in the society.37 social workers from different NGOs of Odisha learned about, gender, socialization of gender, gender discrimination, and patriarchy. Practically implementation of the knowledge gained will be known when they will use it in their field work as well as family (professionally and personally).

Youth Convention:

To curb the violence against women there is a need to constantly work both with men and women. We realize that it is very important to intervene in the socialization process if we want to break the oppressive pattern of patriarchy. That peers in educational institutions like school and college are the most crucial as it has a great socializing influence in shaping their value system. You may be aware that we have already undertaken awareness programs in different Colleges and Universities in 15 districts of Odisha through our district resource centers with an objective to promote youth as ambassadors against any form of gender based violence and to make the institutions safe for girls and women. In this connection we are organizing State and regional level youth convention every year to give a common platform to students who have already attended the awareness programme on violence against women by exchanging their experience and explore measures they have taken to make a gender just society