Political participation and decision making:

It is a great opportunity that women have got 50% reservation at panchayat level . But they are not able to perform their duties as panchayat leader due to the family inference, lack of leadership quality and illiteracy. As political participation and decision making is one of the focus areas of work of NAWO we are engaged for leadership building of women PRI members and initiating their network at various level. The main objective of the work is to ensure good governance and increased women’s leadership in decision making process through capacity building and strengthening of women PRI (Panchayati Raj Institutions) representatives and building female PRI representatives’ Forum at district, regional and state level. Secondly to build pressure on govt. to repeal two child norm as election conditionality by next elections in Odisha. The work also includes to build pressure on govt. for implementation of for 33% reservation at state level by next election. Activities and progress Capacity building of new elected members NAWO has been able to keep up the momentum with the newly elected women panchayat representatives.Trainings have been organized in all 30 districts for at least 900 Panchayat representatives. All women leaders in PRI trained on leadership, PRI system and management of government schemes. The newly elected women have become aware of their and responsibilities through different trainings and meetings held in thirty districts of the state.

Intensive work in five Model Block

The successful Intervention towards capacity building of Female Panchayat representatives and successful camapiangining for 100% nomination filing in the recent Panchayat election . NAWO finds it necessary to consolidate on the gains and concentrate in five districts in studying the performance of the female panchayatrepresentatives and accompanying them in their new journey to take leadership in the local bodies ,NAWO will strengthen them through training and federation building in a focused manner .NAWO’s experience working with Panchayat representatives in both the blocks Muniguda and Tangi it was found that women Panchayat representatives as a result of the trainings received and accompaniment have performed very well ,apart from this have also taken up issues that affect women in their constituencies such m addressing domestic violence , Rape , participating very actively in the anti liquor movement etc NAWO , also plans to intensify it campaign to repeal the Two child norm election conditionality during the next municipal elections to be held in 2013 . NAWO took up five selected Block in five districts of Orissa and work intensively with PRI members for their capacity building, building future women leaders/ prospective building of panchayat members, voters awareness etc. Muniguda Block in Rayagada, Tangiblock in Kurdha, M.Rampur Block in Kalahandi , Telkoi block of keonjhar and Gurjanga Block of Deogarh district selected and intensive work going on. Previously we were working with two block and result was very good. In these block regular training and meeting conducted with members on leadership building, panchayt budget preparation and putting women’s agenda on it, Role of women PRI in panchayt development work, active participation in development issues, different government schems and programmes. Every monthly meeting we folloup their activites in panchat ,we guide the at verius stage for leadership building and send the reprentetibe for getting exposure from other places. District level network initiated in five district. PRI members exposed to model Panchayat at Keonjhar; interacrions boosted the confidence of the members and enabled mutual leraning and sharing. The network of female PRI members in both the blocks excerices their knowledge .

• Five model blocks established 5 districts Focus work with newly elected Panchayat representatives in five districts. Enabling leadership development and full participation in the local governance process
• The PRI members in all the Blocks exercising their power and ensuring proper implementation of govt. Schemes and programmes in their respective block.
• 11 District level forums were formed by EWPR to strengthen their capacity to lobby on the issue of political empowerment of grass root level women on self governance and proper implementation of Panchayatiraj system.

Regional Conventions of women PRI members

Six regional conventions of women PRI members organized during this period involving representative from all 30 district. Koraput, Baleswor, Bolangir, Khurdha , cuttack and Deogarh. The objective of the regional workshop was to create a forum and network and build their capacity and strengthen them to do lobby and advocacy. Discussion was on leadership building , problems solving at verius level preparation of women leaders for coming election , repel two chield norm, filing 100% nomination in the coming election, women PRI federation at state level . The DRCs and other organizations organized the follow up meetings, where the idea of forming networks of PRI members are being introduced and confirmed, we have been able to have only 21 such meetings in Khurda, Kalahand, Debagarh, sundergarh and Rayagada

State level PRI forum

150 The newly elected women have also been felicitated by NAWO a state level federation of elected women representatives has been formed. The first meeting of the newly formed state level federation of elected women representatives which is named as SWORA ( State Level Women Representatives’ Association)was held in July 2012. During the meeting a detailed bylaw and rules and regulations and membership criteria was developed and approved by SWORA. It was also decided in that meeting that attempts shall be made to take out a news letter of SWORA. And the first newsletter is now in the press. Based on the criteria set for membership the executive committee of SWORA has taken on the responsibility to take in members .Capacity building of newly elected panchayat representatives by our District resource centers as well other members has also begun. The capacity building programme going on Strengthening the Women PRI members association. Discussion held with political parties representatives on repel two child normas election conditinality as well as 33% in state assembly

Campaining for all women Panchayt

More than 30 meetings held for identification of leaders and for motivation filing of nomination in 100% seats. A poster developed and distributed to 15 districts ,Leaflet circulated to candidates standing for Panchayat elections.An awareness poster on the theme that women can fight election norms 100 % seats at the panchayat level where as men can only fight from 50 % seats has been published . A leaflet on all necessary information required for filing nominations has been published and distributed.

Campaign for repeal of two child norm as election conditionality

Campaign for repeal of two child norm as election conditionality raised through Public meeting signature campaign mounted, authorities reached out.Discussions in every training session are held with PRI member’s on the issue.Member organization of NAWO and other network members are all geared up to campaign in much ahead of the municipal elections in 2013. State level Dharna held on the repeal of two child norm and a delegation met the Private secretary to the CM who assured that he would cooperate with the organization to get an audience with the CM before the Municipality elections . The secretary of the Panchayat raj has already put up the file on the repeal of two child norm to the Chief Minister. The energy minister met to pressurize the chief minister to repeal the two child norm .

Study on the panchayat elections

Study on the panchayat elections held, impact of the 50% reservation of seats for women and problems faced by women in nomination filing, during and after campaign, post and pre election violence. A booklet carrying the govt schemes, and role of PRI members, with emertfgency numbers published and distributed at the regional convention.

Key achievements during these years

• The National Alliance women, Odisha chapter has taken a lead role in building capacities and leadership among the elected women representatives .More than ten thousand elected women representatives reached through training and meetings and conventions.
• Successfully carried out a campaign for filing of 100% nominations by women in the last Panchayat election.
• Involvement in successful campaign for 33% reservation at the parliament and legislative assembly through participation in all national processes such as the reservation express.
• Women PRI are actively taking part to avail different Govt programme and facility like NREGS,PDS,OAS land on different schemes
• Taking up women issues in their constituencies
• second time representatives guiding the newly elected women.
• Block level federation formed .
• PRI members are geared up for the two child norm campaign at various leve.
• 50% reservation for women at Panchayat level granted, In spite of several hurdles in the filing of nominations 66% women has been elected..
• 3 Panchayat have become all women Panchayat in the Khurda model Block Monitoring of Government schemes has become more regular.